Restoration Marketing


Owning and operating your own restoration company has always been tough work. In the last several years, the workload of an owner/operator has doubled or tripled. This is the result, in no small part, of the need for expanded marketing packages. In 2020, using your website and social media accounts to promote and manage your business takes a lot of energy and specialized focus. When you want to run your business and leave the marketing to professionals, hire KiLLitOnline.

What is Digital Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is an umbrella term referring to advertising that appears on a variety of online platforms, including search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. Today, digital marketing is an essential aspect of branding and customer base development. The techniques involved in digital marketing are varied and should be designed to suit the needs of your company. When you need a digital marketing strategy, contact our team.

Developing a digital marketing strategy is a vital part of keeping your company’s plans for multi-platform promotion on the same page. Having one means everyone on the leadership and brand management teams can understand what content is appropriate for each platform. Some content is better suited for one platform over the others. Having an organized approach can provide a clear pathway and clear objectives that can be quantified, tracked, and adjusted as time progresses.

We Handle Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you partner with KiLLitOnline, we’ll provide professional search engine optimization services (SEO). In SEO, all elements of your restoration website are enhanced to improve traffic to your site from search engines like Google and Bing. To simplify the concept of SEO, it’s a form of quality control for web content. The more credible and focused a webpage can be on a topic, the higher it will score. The higher the score, the more visitors to your site. We train our team on SEO to better serve your business. Each post that KiLLitOnline develops for you will focus on topics pertinent to your business, and we take your feedback into consideration at every step of the way.

We Hire Professional Bloggers

While many business owners want to be deeply invested in the content creation for their online marketing, it does take time. At KiLLitOnline, we understand the value of your time. When you want to add unique content to your website, we’ve got it handled. Our team of professional bloggers and editors do all the hard work. These seasoned content creators will produce high-quality branded and SEO-optimized writing for your website on a schedule that suits your needs. 

The writers at KiLLitOnline are professionals with experience in topical content generation. When it comes to the content we write for your restoration company, we believe in a mixture of brand focus and general knowledge–concepts that will draw in readers from all ends of the spectrum. From new homeowners to industry professionals, we want your online blog posts to reflect everything great about your small business. The best perk? We handle the hard stuff for you.

We Manage Social Media Profiles

Similarly, social media accounts are an excellent way to connect with current and potential customers. The social media team at KiLLitOnline will create, design, and actively manage all of your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our content creators keep up-to-date on current trends, hashtags, and techniques for keeping viewers engaged with your brand. When our team handles your social media profiles, we focus on finding ways to attract new viewers to your accounts while also encouraging repeat viewers. 

We can facilitate engagement in a variety of ways–not the least of which is responding to customer comments as needed. One key aspect of social media is the “social” aspect. Humanizing your brand involves sharing technical information, new product teases, and showing the members of your team working behind the scenes.

KiLLitOnline: The Marketing Solution For Your Restoration Company

Since 2005, KiLLitOnline has provided marketing solutions for a wide variety of businesses throughout Georgia and around the world. Our team has taken traditional brand marketing expertise and brought it forward with modern digital marketing strategies. At KiLLitOnline, we know that you work hard enough to keep your day-to-day operation moving. Let us handle the digital workload. When you’re ready to expand your online marketing, make KiLLitOnline your ace in the hole!