Whether you have been thinking about having an online income for many years or its your new year’s resolution for 2012, you need to know the truth about what you will find out when you try to make money on internet…
  • Its not easy at all
  • Too many distractions
  • Its too time consuming
  • Can’t convert leads to sales
  • Useless programs being offered
  • Not all products add value
  • Don’t know how to grow your audience
  • Too many social media platforms to choose from
  • You have no influence
  • You don’t know how to find target audience
  • Don’t know how to manage a marketing system
  • No idea how to drive traffic
  • And much more…
If any of the above is true for you we have good news for you. One, it’s not your fault and two you are not alone!! These are some of the issues that we help our members with so they know exactly what steps to take to overcome these hurdles and spend more time in driving positive results than waste time in finding out what works and what doesn’t.
The desk of Sonny Ahuja
Saturday 1:58 AM.
Founder – KiLLiTOnLine.com

Dear Friend,

Do you realize internet marketing will be completely different in 2012 than a year ago? Every thing has changed since I first started marketing my business online only 5 years ago.

I can still remember when I first launched my perfume website.

It all started for me about 6 years ago in my warehouse. A little while before that I had 5 stores in malls and I did 13 premium B2B trade shows a year nation wide. Business was on up swing and I was looking into making my dream a reality by launching a chain of stores in Chicago land area.

But then not all dreams come true! With rise of Internet Giants like Amazon, Buy.com, eBay and few other humongous sites that started to provide merchandise at much lower prices than high end malls, our business started to decrease first slowly and then sales slowed faster than the speed of falling Skylab.

Soon enough I had to pull out of most malls and stop doing trade shows. Everything happened so fast that it didn’t give me enough time to come up with a profitable exit strategy.

Suddenly I was under heavy debt from my suppliers, malls and credit cards. Everyone around me advised to fold the business and file bankruptcy. Yes at the time it was the easy way out.

However I had something else in mind. You see I started with a few hundred dollars, worked my way up to owning a small chain and having one of the largest perfume booths in trade shows. I did not work my back off for 7 years just to go bankrupt. I had better plans and I wanted to stick to them.

Swimming against the tide would have been easier if only i knew how to swim at the first place.I did some research and found most of our clients had started buying perfumes online as the prices there were much less and couldn’t be matched with mall over heads.

So I decided to get me a fancy website! After calling a few companies that could handle a 7000+ page ecommerce website, integrate it with a shopping cart I knew I had to find another way as the lowest quote I got was for $20,000+. I had no money and my credit cards were maxed out so I shut myself in a room for 30 days and learnt how to design, develop and launch an ecommerce website.

And so Grandperfumes.com was born. The problem was that I didn’t know anything about "traffic”, "conversions”, "leads”, "credibility”, "search engines” or anything else that’s needed to make a website successful. The only thing I knew was how to check emails and surf the net!

After finding the importance of Search Engine Optimization I hired a company out of Seattle, bought the platinum $3000 package only to have them shut down in 3 weeks & run away with my money that I didn’t have. Then I hired another company out of Utah but still the results of my website did not improve.

So once again I shut my self in a 10x10 office and learnt SEO and brought my site on page one of Google in over 1000 keywords. There was a time when Grandperfumes was on page 1 of MSN on every single perfume and cologne we carried. That was over 7000 keywords (I cracked the way to be on page one of MSN accidentally!)

Then came Social Media, Paid Advertising and so forth. Today between me and Ami, we have over 103,000 followers on Twitter and over 11,000 Facebook friends and fans. We have a huge email list that keeps growing automatically everyday with multiple optins on different sites.

Ami has taken over our perfume business and all fragrances are drop shipped by our vendor in New Jersey. Though we have one of the highest varieties of fragrances in the world on Grandperfumes, we don’t own any of it. The business cost us less than $1000/month to run. Therefore it can never incur a loss no matter how bad the economy gets. Now that’s working smart.

I on the other hand coach clients and their staff on how to monetize social media. I also design websites, bring them on page one of search engines, run adwords campaigns for clients and help them make more money in different ways.

We now work from our home office and so are able to spend more quality time with our kids and each other than we could ever have running multiple stores in malls.

I am proud to say we have paid off our suppliers, have loyal clients in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America besides all 50 states of United States. Though I couldn’t take my business 90 miles away to Chicago, I’ve taken it as far as Australia and Europe.

There’s a lot we have learnt in last 5 years through trial and error about Social Media, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and so forth that we plan to share with KiLLiTOnLine community.

Besides how to make money from internet we have learnt how to stay strong, keep it together and stay positive in life.

Ami ran for Mrs. Wisconsin in March 2011 and bagged 3 out of 5 awards and became first Indian American in history to do so. She lost 23 lbs in 54 days, went from size 10 to 0 all while running 2 businesses, taking care of our kids and running her women’s only group.

Other than how to monetize internet we will share how to have a better life with our members. A life that’s easier to achieve listening to someone who’s already done it. If only we had someone to show us our treasure map five years ago!

We are not experts in everything so we will bring other highly successful people on board, interview them and find what other strategies work to increase income online and how else can we have a better life.

Now we surely don’t have a magic pill nor can we show you how to become a millionaire overnight. For that you need to look for someone else. However we will show you our time tested step by step system that is easy to follow in simple plain English which will help you draw your treasure map.

Don’t worry, we hate computer and business jargon as much as you do!

If however you want the practical knowledge of which tips, tricks and short cuts to implement for increasing your income by using the massive power of social media at a steady pace…then look no further.

  • Facebook has over 800 million members
  • Twitter has over 300 million
  • LinkedIn now has over 100 million users
  • YouTube has 490 million unique users every month
  • Over 175 million blogs on the Internet
  • Google+ has over 25 million users
  • Over 50% users log into their Facebook and Twitter accounts Every Single Day
Twitter helped us get our business back on track immediately. We easily made hundreds of connections with people who eagerly promoted our websites without asking for anything in return. We quickly formed a network of Twitter elites who had over 50,000 followers each while we had less than 500.

Adding Soon Facebook Modules

When it comes to making money with Social Media, Facebook cannot be left behind hence we are adding 10 modules on "How to Monetize Facebook”

Coming Soon LinkedIn, YouTube & Blogging

Soon after Facebook we will be adding detailed program on LinkedIn, Video Marketing (YouTube), Blogging and Google+ etc.

After the above mentioned social media platforms we will be adding detailed video’s on 54 Ways To Rank On Page One of Google (SEO) and other ways to market your products and services on Internet for example:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Google Adwords (specifically)
  • Email Marketing
  • E-Magazines
  • Send Out Cards
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Webinars
  • Tele Seminars
  • Online Contests
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Media Buying
  • Selling on Amazon & eBay
  • Web TV Show
  • List Building
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • And many more…

Get Ready for Expert Interviews

We will be adding interviews of world renowned experts from the areas of Direct Response Marketing, Sales, Branding, Referral Marketing, News Letter Marketing, Promotional Products Marketing, Video Marketing & Development, Time Management, Goal Setting, Social Networking, Online Marketing and many more in the future…

Module 1 – Twitter Foundation

  • Twitter Introduction
  • How to Get Started
  • 4 Main Reasons Why You Need add Twitter to Your Marketing Arsenal Immediately

Module 2 – Profile Creation

  • 9 Major Benefits of Twitter for Entrepreneurs
  • How To Drive Traffic from Twitter
  • How to Use Twitter as Research Tool
  • How to Set Up Search Engine Optimized Profile that Ranks on Page 1 of Google
  • The Most Important Part of Your Bio That You Cannot Afford to Miss
  • And more…

Module 3 – Before You Start Tweeting

  • 7 Things You Must Know BEFORE You Send Out Your First Tweet
  • The One BIG Thing That Can Put You On Road to Success Immediately
  • What’s a Hashtag and why you should use it
  • 7 Types of Tweets that Can Help You Promote 7 Different Ways
  • And more…

Module 4 – Finding Your Target Audience

  • 7 ways to Find Audience Hungry for Your Product and Services
  • Most important Rule about following others
  • Finding & Connecting with elites on Twitter
  • How to literally steal your competitor’s clients
  • How to find & connect with potential buyers with in seconds

Module 5 – How to Build Your Following Fast

  • 3 Videos Reveal 22 Ways to Attract New Followers
  • See How CEO of Zappos spread the word about his Twitter profile and so can you
  • 14 Types of Company Stationary that Can help you get more followers
  • How to Get Your Facebook Friends and LinkedIn connections to follow you
  • Leveraging Yahoo to consistently send you new followers

Module 6 – Monetizing Twitter

  • Find Companies that Will Pay & Tweet For You at the same time
  • Find Companies that will Pay you for every time you tweet for them
  • How to Make Money with Your Competitors Clients
  • 6 Resources to Help You Find Leads Immediately
  • How to Get Paid Tweeting Month after Month

Module 7 – 21 Ways To Market Your Business on Twitter (This Module Alone is Worth More Than the Price of Entire Program)

  • 2 Videos Reveal 21 Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool
  • Using Images to Promote Your Products
  • Easiest Way To Have Others Promote You
  • How to Leverage SEO to Find Leads
  • Biggest Reason Behind using a Link Shortening Service (no, its not so you can add more content in your tweet)

Module 8 – How to Become an Expert in Your Industry

  • Why You Must be an Expert at the First Place
  • Biggest Resource That Can Help You Become an Expert Overnight
  • Let Google Help You Become an Expert Fast (without you doing any research on Google)
  • How to Tweet Like an expert
  • How to Have Your Own Twitter Show

Module 9 – Making Money as a Twitter Manager from Your Home, Office or Car (A Step by Step System originally priced at $297.00)

  • 8 Places To Find Companies Desperate To Pay For Your Help
  • How to Easily Leverage Media to Find Leads within minutes
  • 3 Best Packages & Services to Offer
  • How to demand from $297/month to $2497/month per client
  • The Biggest Reason Why Companies Are Ready to Pay $797/month easily
  • Module Perfect for stay at home moms, those in between jobs or entrepreneurs looking to add an extra stream of income!

Module 10 – Make Money Promoting Products of Other Companies

  • How to Access 1.7 million products at wholesale and make money selling them
  • How to promote Products from sites like Amazon and make money doing that
  • Fastest way to Find a Drop Shipper in Any Industry
  • List of 50 Top Retail Networks + 50 Top Affiliate Sites
  • Module Perfect for stay at home moms, those in between jobs or entrepreneurs looking to add an extra stream of income!

Bonus #1 How to Make Your Blog Successful ($197)

  • 9 Major Benefits of Blogging
  • 6 Top Blogging Sites That Are Completely FREE
  • 9 Most Powerful Blogging Strategies
  • 6 Ways to Build a List with Blogs
  • 7 Ways to Use a Wordpress Blog as Content Management System
  • 6 Tips for Writing Posts that People Keep Coming Back More

Bonus #2 How to Have a Magnetic Facebook Profile ($97)

  • Facebook & Social Media Mindset
  • Why You Must Add a Second Admin
  • Follow These 8 Rules or You Risk Losing Your Account
  • 6 Steps You Must Follow Setting Up Your Profile

Bonus #3 How To Legally Make Money With Facebook ($197)

  • Does NOT Include Facebook Ad Campaign
  • 10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page Immediately
  • How to Select The Relevant Facebook Page or You Risk Losing It
  • 10 Ways to Engage Your Audience
  • 7 Ways to Promote Your Business or Product Page

(Only $27/month For Limited Time…Cancel Anytime!)

  • Weekly Updates on Social Media
  • Weekly New Step by Step Videos
  • Weekly Latest Social Media News
  • Access to Upcoming Facebook Modules
  • Access to ALL Upcoming LinkedIn Modules
  • Access to ALL Upcoming Blogging Modules
  • Access to ALL Upcoming Video Marketing Modules
  • Access to ALL Upcoming Google Plus Modules
  • Access to ALL Upcoming Modules on Other Social Media Platforms
  • Access to ALL Updates on EVERY SINGLE Social Media Module
  • Complete Access to KiO Community for Networking Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Tools, Tips & Tricks
  • Cancel Your Membership Anytime

"As I’ve been searching for ways to market my new book, Whole Health Healing-The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible For All Ages, I was growing increasingly frustrated with the complexity of the task, and the "wolves” who seemed only interested in collecting steep fees. Then I met Sonny Ahuja, who was able to explain the process of building my brand and gaining an internet following, in easy to follow, practical terms. He built my ’stunningly attractive’ web/blog sites quickly and reasonably, and he is handling my daily Twitter feeds. I’ve recommended Sonny to several of my friends already, and I think he should brand himself as The ‘down-to-earth’ internet marketing genius”

Dr Tom Potisk
The Down to Earch Doctor Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Sonny is the clear expert with proven results in the Social Media platform. I have always known I needed to be in this media but never knew where to start. Sonny clearly defined my objectives and gave me an easily plan to execute making it so much easier to make the commitment to do it. If you want to have a successful social media game plan call Sonny!”

Kevin Kowalke
Director Retail Department at USA Funding Corp

"I usually frown and ignore it when the term "expert" is used by people, especially in terms of the internet, but in Sonny's case, it can't be ignored. The proof is in the pudding with him. If you Google "SEO Expert Milwaukee" he comes up #1 and #2. I think that's all that needs to be said. He is THE "expert".

Paul B. Parsons
Business Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Strategist, FocalPoint Coaching of Wisconsin

"Let me start by saying that Sonny is somewhat of a legend here in Milwaukee he is a one of the top twitter users and I was lucky enough to have Sonny come and speak to my MKELive group recently and I have to say he did an amazing job keeping everyone’s attention. I continue to get complements and people want to know when we will have him back – I think that speaks volumes on his knowledge and expertise.”

Katie Felten
LinkedIn Expert Social Media Consultant atMKELive

"Sonny has been extremely valuable to me as a consultant in the social media realm. He has especially been outstanding at building my twitter following. He has a knowledge about social media that is way beyond my understanding, and I am thankful to have him on my team of consultants.”

Dr. Rick Schaefer MD
Author & Creator, Extreme Thought Makeover: 37 Days to Maximum Life!

"We’ve had a boatload of great speakers at Wisconsin Business Owners and Sonny Ahuja was among the best. He addressed one of our largest audiences to date in December 2009. Though the audience expertise varied widely, Sonny kept everyone’s interest in the subject matter. Everyone, including some very experienced and sophisticated social media marketers, was able to come away with more than a couple of "take-aways” from Sonny’s presentation – and the business owners there without much experience were thrilled with the knowledge they gained. I met Sonny via Twitter, and meeting him in person before our "Lunch & Learn” was like meeting an old friend for the first time.

Keith Klein
Owner at OnYourMark, LLC, Organizer , Wisconsin Busines Owners

"Sonny is a Social Media expert who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience. He has a proven, successful track record with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others. Sonny’s presentations about Social Media are very engaging, easy to understand and filled with valuable, thought provoking information that you can put to use the same day. I have started following Sonny’s tips on how to use Twitter and have already seen a marked increase in quality followers and ROI. Sonny is a friendly person who’s easy to get along with and is generous with his time, energy and resources. As a coach, he will guide you to success with patience, yet give you a push when needed. I have collaborated with him on different projects and have enjoyed working with him each time. In front of the camera he is the consummate professional who makes you feel at ease no matter what. I highly recommend Sonny as a presenter and coach for all of your social media needs. P.S. Sonny also has a very successful retail perfume business- www.grandperfumes.com and www.perfumesmilwaukee.com”

Kimberly Gomez, MBA
Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist , Impeccable Image LLC

"I attended one of Sonny's BBB webinars. The topic was LinkedIn Advanced. Following Sonny's suggestions I was able to improve the profile of both myself and my boss, Dave Mattheis. Dave now ranks #2 in searches for "roofing Milwaukee"! I found Sonny's instruction and format for the webinar to be very easy to follow. Sonny took time to answer live questions posted and even helped troubleshoot when attendees got lost in their live updates. I took copious notes to refer back to the wealth of information and found it very helpful to have the webinar emailed to me to review at my leisure. I plan to attend more free webinars as my schedule allows.”

Sue S.
Office Manager at Over The Top Roofing & Construction Serving SE WI for over 15 Years

"Sonny definately knows his stuff. I have heard Sonny speak a few times now on how to get social media to work for you and what it has done for him. Amazing story – amazing man! I highly recommend Sonny as an informative and entertaining speaker. I’d also recommend him to help you with your social media presence in all arena’s. If you want the best, you’ve found him! Diane Konrath”

Diane Konrath
Owner , Organized Transformations (Professional organizer, consultant, speaker and decorator)

"Sonny's work as a Social Media and Internet Marketing Specialist has one mark of excellence few others have - before he started helping others in this new arena, he very successfully promoted his on business, www.GrandPerfumes.com using these techniques.
Sonny speak from experience as a real bricks and mortar retail and wholesale business owner.
I always pay attention to what he says or writes.

Ted Vinzani
Owner, Accelerated Sales and Marketing

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sonny and brain storming about various Social Media for Small Business initiatives. Sonny's presentation on Twitter as a business revenue stream to my meetup group earlier this year was extremely well received. Technically savvy and a sense of humor to boot!
Sonny is also very adept at breaking down complex SEO strategies in a simplified and effective manner. When Sonny speaks, it's in your best interest to be paying attention. Don't think twice about getting in touch with Sonny promptly with any Social Media need!”

Eddie Soto
Owner, E.S. Online Enterprises, Inc

"Sonny, Has the Social Media expertise to propel a business or a professional to the next level and above. I had the opportunity to market for him and to attend a training class he presented on Social Media. I learned so much from him about Twitter, FaceBook, and Linkedin. I was able to apply what he taught immediately to my marketing campaigns and it was successful.
Sonny, is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional that I would highly recommend for anyone looking to propel their Social Media presence."

Vera L. Nowak
Owner, VeraNowak.com

"Sonny can capture your attention and hold it for a couple hours effortlessly. We all want to build our business. Sonny has been able to start with a small business and build it into a world wide business by practicing the social media rules and paying very little overhead. I have learned a great deal about social media marketing from listening to Sonny and recommend his training to all my friends.”

Larry B.
Computer Consulting & Repair at Larry R. Bain, LLC

"Sonny does such a great job helping people learn social media. I really enjoyed his style and expertise on the subject matter. Sonny is not afraid to share his vast array of knowledge with you, but is always there for you if you would just rather have him manage your accounts for you.”

Tim P.
Sales & Marketing Director at MarketAmerica.com

"I first met Sonny in a Mastermind group of business owners. His contributions to the group were invaluable. His advice and suggestions to each member of the group showed he wanted every one of us to succeed. His knowledge of Social Media, web site, and blogging are outstanding.
I am a very cautious person and will only work with the right person. After getting to know Sonny and seeing the high integrity he has, we are working together in a marketing business. Sonny is someone I can trust and am glad I have met him.”

Patrick P
President/Owner, Welcome Card USA

"What can I say about Sonny Ahuja; he's awesome for starters. Sonny knows more about social media than any expert you could find nationally and he's right in our backyard here in Milwaukee.
I recently listened in on a webinar Sonny put on for the BBB and not only was I excited by what I learned but also by the fact that the BBB has trusted Sonny to be their expert. I know my business is better off with Sonny in it and I'm better off having Sonny in my life."

Jim Gehrke
Owner at Executive Greens, LLC

"I heard Sonny at a meet up luncheon and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise on social media and SEO. I hired him for one on one consultation for my blog and company website. He was thorough in understanding our unique program and made many suggestions for improvement. I give Sonny my highest recommendation.”

Peter S.
Owner, Homeowners Concept, Inc.

"If you want to get onto the 1st page of Google, Sonny is the guy to get you there. He is a social media strategist that provides ROI. In the vast world of the Internet Sonny is able to make you more successful, while everyone else is claiming it. The value of his service is PRICELESS in transforming your business!!”

Chad Uebele
Seargent at Arms at Landmark Toastmasters

"If you need someone who is an expert marketer and business builder, can get you answers without you having to spend alot of time searching…and someone who knows how to save you time and can get you massive results…IF this is the type of person you are looking for, then I HIGHLY recommend Sonny Ahuja.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity.

Omar Burgos
Sales, Marketing, Branding & Credibility Specialist at OPS Management Group

"Sonny is the "MAN" when it comes to Social Media. He is cutting edge now as well as dedicated to staying that way. No short cuts taken when he does his work. He puts in the time needed to guarantee a satisfied customer!!!”

Al McFadyen
Owner, Decorative Concrete Surfacing LLC

"Lots of folks claim to be experts, but the proof is in what it’s doing for your own business… Sonny is not only a social media expert, he’s effectively linked his online presence with that of his business and making it work profitably.”

Mike Farley
President , JacksonSpencer LLC

"I attended one of Sonny's social media workshops and not only was there a lot of great and valuable information but I had to leave early and he made sure he gave me the rest of the information. We met at Starbucks and he spent another hour and a half going over what I missed! I would hire Sonny again in a heartbeat!”

Mike Hough
President at PC Guard Dogs
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